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Who We Are at Feet For Life

Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. is a foot and lower limb care practice and Podortho Nursing educational facility, with a mission to provide quality care with a caring approach.
Feet for Life Podortho Nurses (RPN/RN’s) are educated in an advanced post graduate capacity to manage basic concerns to complicated high-risk patients with a variety of co-morbidities such as; diabetes, peripheral vascular diseases, peripheral neuropathy, wounds, arthritis, dementia and foot and lower limb mechanics related to an active and/or aging process.

Feet for Life has been servicing our community for 20 years in Simcoe County, and now across Ontario.

Podortho Nursing Foot Care

The Key to a Healthier You is at Your Feet

Our Podortho Nurses pride themselves in delivering top-notch care with a small company feel and personal attention. Our Nurses are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and supported by the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc.

Our Podortho Nurses have obtained the highest level of nursing foot and lower limb care education in Ontario.

We continue to grow and add to our team of highly qualified Podortho Nurses offering professional, detailed, and compassionate care both in the clinic and in long term care facilities.

Podortho Nursing Foot Care

Treatments at Feet for Life Medical Foot & Lower Limb Care & Wellness Clinic

Our multi-disciplinary clinic offers a variety of Allopathic and Holistic treatments providing our clients with quality care with a caring approach.

Medical & Diabetic Foot Care (In Clinic, Home, or LTC Facility)

Treatment and Correction for Ingrown, Thick, Fungal and Uncomfortable Toenails

Corn and Callous Reduction and Removal

Non-Invasive Painless Laser Therapy for Management of Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Leg Pain, Strains, Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis (Arch Pain), Heel Pain (Spurs)

Biomechanical Assessments & Orthotic Therapy

Registered Physiotherapy

Wound Care with Health Teaching & Implementation Strategies for Prevention of Recurrence

Registered Massage Therapy

Detox Foot & Whole-Body Holistic Cleanses

Medical Pedicures

Vascular Assessments (ABPI measurements) & Compression Fitting & Dispensing

Shockwave Therapy

Stylish & Comfortable Orthopedic Footwear


Toe, Foot Appliances, & Diabetic Socks

Your Feet For Life Team

Our amazing team at Feet For Life can take care of any of your foot care needs! All our care is delivered by our Regulated Health Care Providers
Erin King

Erin King

C.E.O | Podortho®️ Nurse | Registered Practical Nurse

John Bird

John Bird

Vice President of Operations & Marketing

Erin Kooy

Erin Kooy

Podortho® Nurse | Registered Practical Nurse | Clinic Manager

Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson

Registered Physiotherapist

Danielle Bible

Danielle Bible

Podortho® Nurse | Registered Practical Nurse

Chelsea Rankine

Chelsea Rankine

Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Nina Hansen

Dr. Nina Hansen

Chiropractor | Acupuncturist | Orthotic Dispenser

Martha Hancock-Rutherford

Martha Hancock-Rutherford

Registered Practical Nurse, Podortho® Nurse

We Offer Our Nursing Foot Care Services in Long Term Care Facilities

One On One Quality Patient Care

Our Podortho Nurses practice with the required sterilization and reprocessing standards to meet Public Health Ontario following PDIAC best practice guidelines consistent with our College of Nurses standards

We carry the proper Insurance coverage to work in a facility

We employ and educate our Podortho Nurses to ensure quality care is achieved with every client

We are competitively priced offering quality one on one patient care and include foot & lower limb health teaching consultations

Nursing documentation and care plans are created for each individual patient/client and stored with the facility and nurse’s practice

What Clients Say About Feet For Life

“I'm writing to let you know how happy I am with the treatment I received at Feet For Life over the past couple of weeks. My plantar fasciitis is much better. No more pain in the morning and that's thanks to the course of laser treatment that you recommended and I received at Feet For Life. I'll be heading out for a run this weekend! My appointments were booked to suit my schedule and in close succession of each other to maximize the benefit of the treatment. Everyone was professional, courteous and friendly. I won't hesitate to refer you and your clinic to friends, family and associates.”

Jennifer Plantar Fasciitis

“I want tell everyone, how much I appreciate the care of Erin at Feet for Life Medical. In the spring of '93 I stressed the knuckle of my big toe, on my right foot while at work. My general practitioner told me it was osteoarthritis. Fourteen years later of almost constant pain, I asked to be referred to a bone surgeon here in Barrie, to seek possible relieve. He also told me I had osteoarthritis that I could either have a new joint or have the calcium deposit 'shaved' off but that would not take the pain away. I opted for the latter as a new joint sounded far too risky. A year went by and I did not have a date for this procedure. I was tired of the almost constant pain and decided to look for alternative help. I called Feet for Life January 2008 and arranged for a treatment. 7 treatments later with the cold laser, took the pain away. I cannot wear heels higher than 1 1/2 inches or put full body weight on bended toes but I'm physically active. Gardening, biking and running in the summer and this winter I have taken up Karate. I wear supportive running shoes during these workout classes and feel great. I'm very glad to have found Erin at Feet for Life. I highly recommend her services to anyone who have problems with or pain in their feet.”

Lorelei Laser Therapy

"Back in 1994 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Over the following 10 12 years just above my ankle, on my lower left leg quite a large area has gradually developed a very red almost crimson discoloration with a grayish, scabby-looking area at its center. To a much lesser degree this same condition has also formed in the same location on my right lower leg. At a regular foot care visit on Jan 24, my nurse, Erin Kooy, gave me a trial Laser Treatment. At this point in time, I could no longer feel my feet from the instep to the toes. Although I still had some circulation in my feet, I couldn't wiggle my toes hardly at all and I couldn't feel them wiggling, I had to look at them to see them move. Also most of the time my feet were cold. After the first treatment within 24 hrs my feet felt warm and there was a slight decrease in the red area on my legs. After a second treatment, two weeks later, there was a further decrease in the red area and the gray area. The red area was not as angry looking a colour either. My feet are continually warm, sometimes toasty warm. Three weeks later, after a third treatment, my feet are still very warm, the red and gray areas are less and the colours are fading. I have more feeling in my feet and more movement in my toes. I dont have to look at my toes to see if they are moving, I can feel them moving."

Norma Laser Treatment

A few moths ago I had sore, swollen feet caused from a wart which over the counter remedies weren’t working. I was unable to walk, work out ect. The pain was terrible. I was searching for someone who did laser treatment. I’m so happy I made that phone call that day and Erin and her team at feet for life were able to help me return back to my activity of daily living with as little as two treatments. Their work is amazing. Friendly and professional care provided from everyone at feet for life.

Maria Wart Removal

“I went to Feet for Life for Diabetic foot-care. When I told them I had diabetic Neuropathy they told me it was treatable. This was a real surprise to me since several doctors had told me there was no treatment available at all! I've been living with totally numb feet and constant sharp shooting pains for 10 years! After 6 treatments in two weeks with laser and IR light; the sharp shooting pains have become almost non-existent and I have feeling back in my feet for the first time in ten years! Although not 100% I can feel the gas pedal in my car, know when my slipper has fallen off going up or down the stairs; and feel water hitting my feet in the shower. I'm continuing the treatments on a gradually decreasing frequency”

Hank Diabetic Footcare

"I have had a very positive experience at Feet for Life. Maria and Stephanie have been great at the care and customer service they have provided. Erin has been very thorough in the treatment program and has resolved a problem that I have had for 25 yrs!"

Rick General Treatment

"I'm writing to let you how much I appreciate the extraordinarily effective treatment I have so far received in your clinic, following many unsuccessful prior treatments elsewhere. Using your phototherapy and the compression system recommended by you (CircAid), my condition has improved substantially and I'm looking forward to complete healing. The clinic staff are most professional, giving the appropriate care as well as being exceptionally pleasant. I'll do my best to recommend you to others in need of wound and foot care."

Rolf Phototherapy and CircAid

"Just a note to thank you for the excellent care you have provided me since becoming your client. You and your staff at Feet For Life are always professional, competent and courteous. Your treatments and techniques are leading edge and you continually research the technology to ensure you are up to date with all aspects of your medical care. As an example, I had a recurring toe nail problem and you suggested that a "nail brace" a new treatment could help. I found it to be the most effective treatment to date and it resulted in eliminating that very painful problem. Your approach to foot care is a combination of traditional and unique methods, embracing both new leading technologies and a respect for traditional ways. I would not hesitate to recommend your clinic to anyone wanting excellent foot care in a friendly and courteous environment. Thank you, a happy client."

Don Nail Bracing

"My feet are more presentable - important in the summer. I've been able to go on extended nature walks including irregular territory - climbing and hiking without discomfort. First time in 15 years. Thank you for making my feet functional!"

Beth General Treatment

"Results were amazing, my toe was soo bad and they got it fixed and healed. Very impressed with their professionalism and care of my foot. Went the extra mile for me. Thank you! I will definitely be back!"

Crystal Ingrown Toenail

"Staff friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. A pleasure to participate in the process of foot care. The Methylene Blue procedure really helped my foot/toe fungus."

Peter Foot Care

"Recently I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. Anything I tried didn't seem to help with the swelling or discomfort. I heard about laser treatments through Feet for Life and decided to have three treatments. I found they helped with the swelling and pain. I believe that these treatments in addition to exercising my knee have helped my discomfort become more manageable."

Teri Laser Treatment
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