As an Advanced Podortho Nurse Specialist I searched for many years to find a product for dry skin that I could use in my practice and that my clients could use at home. There are so many creams, lotions and emollients on the market and I am sure I tried them all. My problem was I had so many different skin types and conditions to deal with, and ages ranging from young to 100+. I had clients with allergies, diabetes, impaired skin function, healing wounds, psoriasis, and overall moisture loss and neglect. When a client comes to a Podortho Nurse/Advanced Foot Care Nurse, it has come to a point where they cannot manage their care on their own due to a foot and lower leg problem, or want the trust of a professional using proper infection control standards.

About 15 years ago I was introduced to Allpresan at a Nursing Foot Care conference. One of my Foot Care medical suppliers attending the conference suggested I try it. I was told it was a Medical Foam Cream originally made for diabetes in Germany. It was slightly more expensive then the cheap everyday creams used on the body but less than some of the medical creams found in the drug stores having great claims for the feet. I will willing to try it and left the conference with product and the brochure in hand.

I read the literature. WOW, if it works as it claims, then I’m in business, as the doubts still lingered in my head. Well, I am here to admit it works and have been using it ever since on myself, shared it with family and friends, use it in my practice and my clients use it at home.

As a nurse we are not suppose to promote a specific product but give the client options, but though experience and the results from my clients I have seem amazing results with the Allpresan Pro product line. It does not clog pores, lets the skin breathe for normal skin function, no greasy feeling so you can put socks and stocking on right away including compression socks and there are no colourings or preservatives so I can use it on all my clients. I have never had a client reaction or problem on all my client skin types having given foot care treatments to thousands of clients.

The product cannot be purchased through your local retail store. You may find it though a foot care specialist in the medial or beauty industry. You can find the product thought the Allpresan Pro website and locate a distributor where they can direct you to a foot care specialist or spa. I also have it available to purchase, for my clients. You may also ask your Foot care provider if they can get it for you though their medical supplier. We also carry it at our school for our students to purchase for their professional use and for their clients at home.

Happy Feet

Linda England RPN MDRT

Podortho Nurse/Educator

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