A Reasource Care Partner for the Ontario Podortho Nursing Assocation

About: Lisa Wilson

Foot Care Facilitator (All Locations)

  • Role : Facilitator
  • Experience : P.T., B.Sc (Hon), B.Sc.P.T.
  • Specialist in : Registered Physiotherapist


Lisa has been a practicing Physiotherapist for over 27 years.  Her experience focused primarily on outpatient Physiotherapy including orthopedics, neurology, and pediatrics.  While education is a strong part of every client’s program, Lisa decided to share her knowledge and further her teaching career to educate students at private colleges, and at Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology. She has instructed in a variety of courses in her area of expertise for the last fourteen years.

Lisa has volunteered for years as a running and walking instructor focusing on biomechanics education with the Running Room. Further to this, she teaches Foot and lower limb biomechanics to Nurses who have enrolled in the Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing (FFLSPN) program to continue their post graduate education in this specialized area of Nursing care.

Lisa has collaborated with Erin King RPN, Podortho Nurse, Published Author and has authored the biomechanics chapter for the FFLSPN’s corresponding textbook.

Feet for Life Podortho Nursing Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care (King, 2020). Podortho Nursing Textbooks Available | Feet for Life Medical

Lisa ensures her research remains current and enjoys reading and obtaining additional post graduate education programs herself as part of her quality practices. She feels collaboration and relationships with other allied health care practitioners are important to maintain continuity of care.

Lisa is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast and is a proponent of communities staying active, mobile, and healthy throughout the aging process. She encourages regular Podortho Nursing Foot and Lower Limb care as part of a routine and preventative health care measure. Lisa is excited to work with all FFLSPN students and remains a resource for Podortho Nurse members registered with the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. www.opnassociation.ca Lisa encourages an active learning model with her students and is looking forward to educating more Nurses in this specialized field of care.

The OPNA is recognized by most major insurance companies for patients submitting claims to their extended health benefits and recognized by the College of Nurses of Ontario as an approved practice specialty area of Nursing.

Foot Care is artistic in its scope, practice and cure and plays a vital role to one’s health related to quality of life.  –  King, E.D., 2002

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in obtaining a new and exciting career in foot and lower limb care. To register follow the link below: