Erin King

CEO / Director of Education, Podortho®️ Nurse Foot Specialist

  • CEO / Director of Education, Podortho®️ Nurse Foot Specialist
  • 1-705-812-2272
  • erin@feetforlife.ca

CEO/Director of Care


Erin King is the owner and Director of care at Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. and President and founder of The Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. Erin brings two decades of experience in the field of foot and lower limb care. She has extensive experience in Nursing as a twenty-five-year veteran previously working in Hospitals, long term care facilities and, private practice.

Erin credits her motivation to pursue Nursing to her many years as a national level competitive gymnast. Understanding the power of the human frame as a competitive athlete, while mastering the fluidity of movement with grace and style, ignited Erin’s passion to understand the biomechanics, function, anatomy and physiology of the foot and lower limbs.

Erin graduated as a Registered Practical Nurse studying the healing curriculum both in the RN and RPN programs and has obtained post graduate studies in foot and lower limb care in the field of Podiatry. Erin brings a philosophy that Nurses bring a high standard of care and competencies in patient care and follow through with every patient concern. Erin makes it her priority to take her time with each patient she treats and customizes their plan of care to the highest standards ensuring quality clinic visits that are result oriented. “my patients never leave my clinic without a solution to their foot or lower limb conditions”. Erin ensures the best possible care is delivered with the best technologies available on the market to achieve her patients’ goals.

“it is imperative we promote preventative strategies and use our latest technologies to keep our patient’s mobile with healthy feet and limbs for life”.

Erin is passionate about creating the best possible experience for her patients at her state of the art clinic with a professional, relaxed and informative environment with her accommodative friendly staff.

“we strive to accomplish your foot and lower limb health goals by implementing a plan of care that is affordable and realistic understanding we all lead busy active lives”.

Podortho Nurses are trained to be all encompassing ensuring we are addressing our patient’s initial foot and lower limb concerns and how it effects every day life. Nurses are well educated in anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics and pathophysiology of human body in its entirety understanding the physical and emotional impact your lower limb conditions may effect your overall health.

Nurses are regulated health care providers and are held to the highest standard of care and competencies. Podortho Nurses are all members of the College of Nurses of Ontario a regulating governing body and members of The Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. Podortho Nurses are now recognized by all major insurance companies for patients submitting claims to their extended health benefits.

“Foot Care is artistic in its scope, practice and cure and plays a vital role to one’s health related to quality of life.”

King, E.D., 2002

Erin’s credentials include Registered Practical Nurse, Podortho Nurse/Foot Specialist, Diabetic Foot Care Nurse and is also distinguished in numerous specialties in the field of Podiatry, including but not limited to; Wound Care, Reflexology, Laser therapy, Compression Therapy and Bio-mechanics to name a few.

Erin is a former Foot Care educator at Georgian College and now educates Nurses in her private practice who wish to obtain a speciality post graduate education in foot and lower limb care and become a Podortho Nurse through her hands-on program “Advance Foot and Lower Limb care for Nurses”.

Erin has authored Core Competencies and Nursing Diagnosis documents as well as patient educational handouts for The Ontario Podortho Nursing Association. Erin has published her first textbook for nurses (Purchase Here) who wish to specialize in advanced foot and lower limb care.

Erin’s long terms goals are to increase awareness provincially of the value Podortho Nurses bring to an interdisciplinary health care team and/or in private practice.

Nurses are highly regarded Registered Health care professionals dating back to the early 1920’s. Nurses have paved the way to best practice creating guidelines used by my many other disciplines and have practiced foot and wound care as early as the 1700’s and during the civil war.

Erin’s mission is to continue to strive for best practice in her field of Foot and Lower limb care and to educate more RN’s and RPN’s in Podortho Nursing.

Podortho Nurses have the knowledge, skill and judgment to lead the discipline of foot and lower limb care, bringing a practical evidence based approach to Podortho patient care.

Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. Has been proudly servicing our community since 2002 and we look forward too many more years of keeping your feet healthy for life.

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