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Just like the wheels are important to a car, so are feet and the lower limbs when it comes to a human being. How you may be feeling in some cases are actually depending on your feet. If your feet are cold or in pain, the rest of the body may feel the same way. This is one of the many reasons that we need more nursing foot care specialists in Hamilton that want to advance their foot care expertise.

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Foot Care Specialist Course Hamilton

Our great staff at Feet for life have created a beginner foot care training course. This professional course is a helpful way to understand the many health problems that can affect your feet, and how you can properly treat each patient. Our foot care workshop is a great way of starting your career as a professional foot care orthotist, and we can give the right knowledge for the future.

Foot Care Education Hamilton

Our professional foot care training course will feature classroom studies and experience in our state-of-the-art foot care clinic. We advise you to take in all of the information that we will be giving you during this course as it can help save each patient based on their foot care diagnosis. Our training course will give you the proper experience and knowledge to get you started working in the field of foot care.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course

If you are looking to improve on your knowledge and expertise of foot care, we also offer an advanced nursing foot care course that will go into more detailed medical conditions that can be harmful to a person’s lower limbs. This foot care course will include expert training with specific methods of foot care treatments that will take place in the classroom and in our great foot care clinic with our teachers and real patients.