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Understanding the feet is an essential part of understanding all of the human body as they are connected in more ways than one. The body may feel the same as your feet and ankles in some situations. If the feet are feeling cold on a cold surface like snow or a tile floor, your body may feel cold as well. This also applies to severe pain from your feet and ankles. If you are a professional foot care specialist in Kitchener that is looking to increase your knowledge in the field of foot care, we may have a course for you.

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Foot Care Specialist Course Kitchener

The professional team at Feet for Life has developed a basic foot care course for people looking to become a foot care specialist. We will teach you about the various medical symptoms that can affect the lower limbs, and how to treat each one correctly. This foot care course is perfect to help improve your own knowledge and skills when it comes to proper foot care.

Foot Care Education Kitchener

Our well-advised foot care training curriculum will feature studying in the classroom and also practicing what is taught in the field at our professional foot care clinic. The information that well will be supplying you is crucial to making the correct decision on which treatment method is suitable for each patient. Our foot care training course is perfect for getting a great amount of knowledge and experience working in the field of foot care.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course

If you are looking for more advanced courses, we will be offering an advanced nursing foot care training course that focuses on more complex medical conditions that can be severe to the health of the lower limbs. We will teach you the correct methods of treatment for each medical condition. This will consist of classroom teachings and experience working in our foot care clinic with the staff and patients.