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Your feet may be some of the most important limbs of the body. The overall health of the feet can affect how you move and how you feel. When your feet are cold, your body reacts as if the entire body was cold. If your feet or ankles are sore, your body will feel the same. This field of medical practice needs new foot care practitioners that are dedicated and committed to improving their foot care knowledge.

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Foot Care Clinical School Midland

At Feet For Life Podortho School we offer foot care training courses,to people who are looking to improve on their skills and understand the many medical issues and conditions that can affect the lower limbs, and how to accurately help treat them. If you are looking to improve and expand your foot care knowledge, our courses can help.

Foot Care Treatment Training Midland

Our foot care training courses is a mixture of an in-class study and practicing in the field with hands on training. In this course we will look over all of the aspects of lower limb and foot care, from first appointments to diagnosis and finally choosing which foot care treatment option may be the best for each patient, this foot care training course provides plenty of knowledge and demonstrations.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Courses

On top of the basic classes that are available, there is an advanced nursing foot care training course which dives into deeper and tougher issues that people may have in their feet, toes, and ankles. This deeply developed foot care training for nurses will offer professional training with high-tech treatments. This course will feature classroom studies and one on one, in-clinic training with your teacher, as well as on-the-job patient care.