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The feet and the majority of the lower limbs are important when it comes to the functions of the body. The overall health of the lower limbs have a connection to how the rest of your body reacts to certain situations. If your feet are cold, then your body may feel that chill everywhere else. If the lower limbs are hurt or injured, your back may feel a similar pain as well. We are looking for people in the medical field who are looking to be committed to adding on to their knowledge of foot care.

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Foot Care School North Bay

Our team of medical specialists have created a great foot care course for people in North Bay for those who seek to continue to learn and add on to their skills to not only understand the many medical issues and conditions that can affect the feet, knees and ankles, but how to correctly treat each case. If you want to improve your skills as a foot care professional, this is the course to achieve that.

Foot Care Program North Bay

Our professional foot care class will have a blending of studying in the classroom, while also having hands-on learning. By carefully studying each part of lower limb care, from the starting consultation to their diagnosis and concluding which choosing the right solution that needs to be recommended to each patient, this great foot care training will help with knowledge and practice in the field.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care

Additionally to the starting classes available, there is also a foot care course for advanced learning which will take a deeper look at different medical issues that people may endure in their feet, and the lower limbs. This advanced nursing foot care course will give great training to you such as advanced treatments for feet. Our foot care training course will include time in the classroom while also having in-clinic training with your teacher.