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The lower limbs including your feet and ankles are very important when it comes to the human body. Not only do they supply motion and movement, but they are also reactionary when it comes to general wellness of the lower limbs. If your feet are sore or cold, your body may feel a similar reaction. We are looking for people that want to learn about this specific medical field and are looking to increase their knowledge on proper foot care.

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Foot Care Education Huntsville

At Feet for Life Podortho School, we have created foot care education classes for people who are looking to learn more about the many ways to properly treat the many medical issues and conditions that can affect foot care and the general wellness of the lower limbs. If you want to expand your knowledge as a medical professional and a foot care specialist, then these courses are for you.

Foot Care Training Huntsville

This helpful foot care training course will provide a mixture of in-class study and hands on training with foot care specialists. By studying each aspect of foot care and lower limb care, from the first appointment, to the diagnosis and eventually deciding on which foot care treatment option may be the best solution for each patient, this foot care education course will offer an excellent supply of knowledge and hands-on learning.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course Huntsville

Also available on top of the basic foot care course, is our advanced foot care education curriculum, that goes deeper into issues that people may have in their lower limbs. This nursing foot care training course will offer advanced hands-on training with cutting edge treatments. In this course, we will provide one-on-one practical training with your instructor as well as patient foot care procedures.