A Reasource Care Partner for the Ontario Podortho Nursing Assocation

Feet need proper care and treatments as they are very important parts of the body. Your body is affected by the care of your feet. If your feet stand on a cold surface, you can sometimes feel this sensation throughout your bod. Same for if your feet are injured, it could affect the whole body. There needs to be more dedicated nurses that can help when it comes to foot care, and we are looking to help educate and expand skill sets to include lower limb and foot care.

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Nursing Foot Care School Orillia

Feet For Life Podortho School is providing foot care education for those who are looking to increase their knowledge and improve their skills on foot care treatment. This course will help better understand all of the medical issues that can affect the lower limbs and how to suitably cure each one. If you are looking to further your education as a foot care nurse, this is the perfect course to get started.

Foot Care Training Programs

This foot care course will include a set of in-class study and practical training. By taking the time to understand each part of lower limb care, from starting appointments to diagnosis and decide on which treatment may be recommended for each patient. This foot care course will provide immense knowledge and practical understanding.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course

There are also advanced foot care programs being provided on top of the starting foot care course. These courses will take a deeper look at lower limb issues and conditions that need proper foot care treatments. This nursing foot care course will give advanced hands-on training in the clinic and with patients in the clinic.