A Reasource Care Partner for the Ontario Podortho Nursing Assocation

Foot Care Nurse to Podortho® Nurse Bridge Program


20 CEU (Continuing Education Credits)

Our bridge program is offered at all locations in Ontario!

This is an online course. Assignments are done independently. Clinical days are done with the facilitator in your chosen area.

Course Fee $2000.00 +HST (Eligible for NEI Reimbursement through WeRPN or RNAO)

This is a discounted fee from our core program however, the nurse must provide their certificate of completion from other nursing foot care courses they have completed.

This program is designed for Foot Care Nurses who wish to upgrade their knowledge, skill and judgment in the field of Podortho® Nursing and who wish to provide a whole care approach through our nurses post graduate foot and lower limb program?

Many Foot Care Nurse programs in the past have not provided sufficient practical experience and theoretical information for todays advancing foot and lower limb care needs in our communities across Ontario. As a nurse’s scope of practice in the province of Ontario continues to advance to meet the needs of our population our specialised program continues to provide those educational opportunities for our students (RPN’s and RN’s).

FFLSPN recognizes the needs of our aging and active population in our communities across Ontario. We have collaborated with Director’s of the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. www.opnassociation.ca to bring our student Podortho® Nurses up to date with respect to their knowledge and skills ensuring they are recognized and their patients are covered for the care the Podortho® Nurses provides with private health insurance companies. Patients will know when they come to see a Podortho® Nurse they will be covered for their care and paid by their health insurer.

Podortho Nurse students will need to complete this course as well as OPNA’s online orthotic and compression therapy courses in order to be registered with OPNA and receive your OPNA Registration number to place on your receipts for recognition through insurance companies.

Awarded Certificate in Podortho Nursing and the use of the Title Podortho® Nurse

Bridge Course Instructions

– Once you have paid you will be sent a registration form to complete and send to FFLSPN administrator

– Purchase your Podortho Nurse Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care textbook

(Purchase Textbook Here)

– Complete all textbook chapter assignments electronically at the end of each chapter

– Email all completed chapter assignments in one document to Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing Administrator at fflspn@feetforlife.ca

– Book three clinical days with facilitator in your area

(you will be linked up with a clinical facilitator once completing your registration form and sending it in)

– Write exam on third day of clinical with your facilitator at that location

All FFLSPN Students receive a complementary one year membership to the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. www.opnassociation.ca a detailed receipt will be emailed to you by course administrator and certificate will be provided to the student by their clinical facilitator once course is completed in full

We look forward to assisting you to obtain your Podortho® Nurse title and work with you to grow you career through our affiliate organizations.



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